Param Bilim

        C-DAC will setup a Linux based Supercomputing cluster named as 'PARAM BILIM' at Kazakhstan - India Centre of Excellence in Eurasian National University. The facility has NAS storage with 20 TB of usable storage space. Primary Network shall be a low latency high-speed Infiniband network along with essential software. In addition, a backup network based on Gigabit Ethernet has also been included. The Compute Nodes being deployed are equipped with 5110p Xeon Phi and K20x nVidia Co-processor. CDAC's indigenous co-processor RCS is also a part of solution.
This facility is being deployed at Kazakhstan-India Centre of Excellence in Eurasian National University, Astana, Kazakhstan. 
The facility will be used for running various applications in the field of Scientific Applications like Weather Forecasting, Bioinformatics and Data Visualization Tools. Some of the above applications are GPU enabled.
PARAM BILIM HPC facility is based on indigenous technologies developed by C-DAC. The HPC facility includes the nodes equipped with 5110p Xeon Phi, nVidia K20X Card, NAS storage with 20 TB of usable storage space and RCS cards.
The facility has HPC Portal 'CHReME' for resource management and 'ONAMA' for scientific and engineering applications installation and execution. It will have applications ported in broad areas like Weather Forecasting and Bioinformatics.